How To Start & Grow A Coaching, Hypnotherapy & NLP Business From Scratch ... And Land High Paying Clients In Just 28 Days Or Less!


What You Get (LTA = Lifetime access):

  • (LTA) 6-week online program
  • (LTA) Private Facebook Community
  • (LTA) Monthly Group Coaching Calls
  • (LTA) Unlimmited personal mentoring
  • Find your highly profitable niche online
  • Create a highly profitable offer from scratch, or fix one that isn't converting.
  • Master organic Facebook, LinkedIn, and YouTube marketing to get FREE clients.
  • Fill in the blank sales scripts, webinars and marketing templates & processes.
  • Over 250 success stories

What is it?

100K Coach Program is a 6-week online course with actionable downloads, cheat sheets, blueprints  and a community of coaches and hypnotherapists. It shows you how to start a highly profitable coaching and hypnotherapy biz from scratch 

Who is it for?

The 100K Coach is for anybody who is qualified as a coach, NLP and/or hypnotherapist wants to start their own business and grow it to 6-figures. It works for anybody, regardless Of your previous knowledge or experience.

Where does it happen?

The 100K Coach course is online
and consists of training videos, 
tools, action items, downloads  
and a Facebook community. You
complete it online, on your own time.

How does it work?

You watch the videos, complete the action
items, use the provided tools and templates.
Ask questions in the Fb group
follow the process, get results.

When does it start?

100K coach is an online course, it starts the
moment you enroll. You can complete it in
your own time and work through it as fast or
slow as you wish. You get lifetime access.

Why does it exist?

We created 100K Coach because there was
nothing that showed a complete beginner, or even novice  how to start their own coaching and hypnotherapy business (and get paying clients) from scratch. We filled that void, and in extreme detail. 

24/7 Lifetime Access. Work At Your Own Pace.

Introducing The 100K Coaching Program™

100K Coaching  Program is a proven 6 week online program that teaches you how to build your business from scratch. With direct focus on finding your profitable niche, pricing, Youtube marketing, Facebook marketing, business tracking, scaling, systems and automation. 

It doesn’t matter if you don’t have any tech skills or any previous business experience. Everything you need to know is provided step-by-step in this training program with (LT) lifetime access to the program, Facebook group, coaching calls and personal mentoring from Scott Jansen.

You Get Full & Immediate Access To:

Setting the 6 figure foundation & Pricing your service

In week one we cover the fundamental laws of building a hypnotherapy and coaching business, so that you understand the action behind everything. Once a clear understanding is established we get to work on the foundations of your exact business. The foundations are things like: Picking your niche, crafting your offer, resonating your message and testing everything in the marketplace to get feedback and iterate/improve until offer-market fit is achieved.   

*General housekeeping and how to use the program
*The anatomy of a coaching and hypnotherapy business
*Viewing your market and niche
*Getting clear on your transformation
*Getting clear on your niche, offer and result
*Getting clear on your high priced marketing message
*Getting clear on your point of difference
*Getting clear on your price with MOS
*Payment plans options
*Setting your price ($1000-$5500 per client)

All about getting high paying CLIENTS for free

In week two we discuss the art and science of attracting clients to your business with free marketing using social media, Youtube, LinkedIn and Google. From grass roots strategies you can implement immediately and for free through to hot niche campaigns that will have your audience see you as the only living and breathing expert that can solve their problem. Week two shows you how to attract hot, ready to buy customers to your coaching and hypnotherapy business in droves and turn them into paying client with 1 phone call.

*How we get paying clients for free (client attraction map and organic strategy)
*Profile & social media set up (Booking system, Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, Google etc)
*YouTube & Answer the public content research (for vial social media content)
*Complete YouTube & Facebook lives Marketing training (Scripts, optimising, keyword research etc)
*How to find 1st, 2nd & 3rd order audiences for direct outreach and organic marketing
*How to drive traffic from guru Facebook pages (and other businesses) to your booking system
*Strategy call and sales training 
*How to present your offer and be paid in full (scripts, templates included)
*Value Deck Presentation™ – How to sell using lifetime/future value
*Client contracts with terms and conditions  

Turning your business into a well oiled machine

In week three we teach you a new paradigm in business that is so profoundly different that its like seeing for the first time.  We discuss why most peoples thinking and beliefs are flawed and destructive and how you can rewire your entire brain so that it helps you not sabotages you. This part of the program will change your life. 
*Know thy enemy as thyself
*Denial – the virus of all suffering and pain​
*Facing the music – Breaking free of your old reality​ 
*The mirror of life and success​ 
*Life and business connections​
*Systemise & standardise your life and business (6 figure thinking)
*Systemizing your life – Building your life archetype​
*Environment – Optimizing for default patterns​ 
*Routine – automating success​ 
*Delegating – Hiring where it hurts​

How to make money and book appointments 24/7

In week 4 we teach you how to build and set up your 100K asset for offline and automatic sale. You will put into action an automated funnel that will break down your potential clients false believes and objections that cause them not to buy, and turn total strangers into high paying clients even while you sleep.

*Your lean business asset

*Creating your success video funnel and automation for offline sales
*Designing your 3 secrets for your success video
*Setting up your lean asset
*Choosing your business and domain name for your business 
*Setting up your business website  
*Success video instructions (and PowerPoint download)

Turn you and your business into a ‘high performance money making machine’

In week five we discuss how to structure the service delivery and operations of your business so that you can service your clients, deliver jaw dropping results while keeping your sanity and high profit margins.

*Economic machine at high level

*Feeding the machine: ROI feedback 

*Systems tracking – knowing your numbers 
*Lean thinking process
*Building your ‘personal’ asset
*Long term winning in business

The secrets of exponential scale

In this bonus week, I break down the secrets of exponential scale with group coaching and online program. I teach you how to model companies like Amazon, Facebook and Google by implementing the ‘Product FlyWheel’ that automatically allows for unlimited scale and growth without more products, services or time. This is a 7 figure strategy.
*Secrets of exponential scale
*Product flywheel and automation
*Productising your services
*Group coaching and online program leveraging
*7 Figure mindset and thinking

24/7 support model and community

As part of the 100K Coaching Program you will have (LT) lifetime access to our Facebook community, monthyl group coaching calls, weekly marketing optimations sessions and unlimmited access to strategy calls with Scott.

* Facebook community: Join 100s of coaches, hypnotherapists & NLPs on the same mission to grow their business.

* Monthly group coaching calls: Take part in the monthly group coaching call to get personal mentoring from Scott Jansen.

* Weekly optimisation sessions: Every weekend, Scott personally helps you optimise your marketing on your Facebook page, LinkedIn and YouTube channel to further help you build your business and master your marketing. 

* Startegy calls with Scott: You have unlimmited access to book strategy calls with Scott for personal coaching & mentoring. There is no limit to these calls. Simply message Scott on Facebook and book your calls in (unlimmited).

Past Q&A calls

Access past Q&A calls in the archived library. 

Here's a summary of everything you get...

This is not your typical “course”. We provide you with everything you need to be successful

The Complete 100K Coaching Program: You’ll get the exact systems and methods to build your coaching, hypnotherapy & NLP business from scratch into a massive scalable online business that runs on autopilot. We leave nothing out. You’re going to learn every little detail, strategy, and process that has seen our students smash $10K-$50K months with complete predictability. The 100K Coaching program is for anybody who is qualified as a coach, NLP and/or hypnotherapist wants to start their own business and grow it to 6-figures. It works for anybody, regardless Of your previous knowledge or experience. (Value $9997)

Monthly group coaching calls: Attend our monthly group coaching calls with students from all overt the world and have your questions personally answered by me in a ‘live mentoring process’. There are no time limits or question limits to these calls; ask anything you like. These calls are recorded, and you have complete access to all past and future calls for life. You have lifetime access to this at no extra cost. (Value $997 per month)

Weekly ‘Page Optimisation Sessions’: Imagine having all of your marketing optimised each week. Well that is exactly what you will get. Every week I record ‘Page Optimisation Sessions’ where I will go through your past 7 days’ worth of marketing and strategies and help you optimise your work, provide you with further instructions and strategies, give you suggestions of how to change things on the spot and also provide advanced tips to get the most from your marketing week by week. This also counts for keeping your accountable to your work while growing your business. This support model is priceless. You have lifetime access to this at no extra cost. (Value $997 per week)

Access to our Private Facebook Community: Here you can see what’s working for hundreds of other coaches, hypnotherapists & NLP. Here you can get direct access to me and have your questions answered immediately. Your investment in the 100K Coaching Program doesn’t even come close to value and support that you will get from this community; not even to mention the extra bonus stuff. I am here personally to help you grow and scale your business, ask me anything you want. You have lifetime access to this at no extra cost. (Value $9997)

Fill-in-the-blank templates, blueprints, and scripts: I have done all of the thinking for you. From posts that go viral, videos that land #1 on YouTube, sales scripts that close $1500-$5500 client in one phone call, Facebook live scripts that get clients, and done for your templates; I have created all of this for you. These will literally save you thousands of hours testing and figuring this out for yourself and prevent you from making the most common mistakes that destroys coaching, hypnotherapy and NLP businesses. ($4997 Value)

More Testimonials From Happy Students

There is no greater proof than real life results.

100K Coaching Program™

(Save $2000 Today - Only $997 AUD)

That’s a fantastic question.  100K Coaching Shorcut Program is a program that is extremely different than the other program online. I know this because I have purchased almost every single program on their market on starting an online business, how to grow a therapy & coaching business, fill up your diary with clients etc (I’m sure you have seen them all). I did that to see where others are failing, to make sure that mine was of utmost excellence. I found one very common theme among ALL of these programs. No matter what they said in their marketing, when you got to the course they ALL assume you have a basic understanding of marketing, business, client experience. I don’t assume that you know anything. I’ve made this program 100% beginner friendly. The fact is that I have hundreds of success stories from people making $10,000 and even $50,000 per month with this blueprint. Over 80% of those people are complete beginners and struggled to even make $1000 per month

I was blessed with a very specific talent. That talent is to take something complicated and explain it simply so that anyone can understand.  The bottom line is, if you are a complete beginner, this course is for you. If you’re experienced, this course is also for you, because I’m going to show you how to cut the amount of work you do by 80%. There are so many ways to do things easier and faster than people realize, and I’ve become a master at that and I’d like to pass that knowledge on to you.
If you’re wondering if this program will work, the total and complete answer is YES. We have a track record to prove that, and our results speak for themselves. If you’re still skeptical, we have a 100% action based guarantee.

The 100K Coaching Program is the beginners version of the Therapy Maximiser Program. The Therapy Maximer Program is my premium program (which you must qualify to enroll) and take the premise of 100K per year and teaches you how to scale to 6 figure per month, build your own online program, become a market influence, create group coaching programs, high end funnels, world class webinars (and the list goes on) its essentially taking what you learn in the 100K coach and 100X (maximise) everything in your business. The 100K is by far the best place to start if you want to start making money quickly.

Right now I am excited to say that we have students in the 100K coaching Program and the Therapy Maximiser Program who have been trained by top trainers in coaching, hypnotherapy & NP from all over the world. 

From: Marissa Peers, Mind Valley, Tony Robbins, Tad James Co. The Coaching Institute, The Coaching College, HMI, Luke Hawkins Coaching, Igor Ledochowski – Hypnosis Training Academy, Richard Bandler & John Grinder and dozens more. 

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