ONLINE EVENT (VIA ZOOM) 5th, 6th, 7th JULY 2024

Live Advanced Therapy Training + BONUS: Access To Our State Of The Art

Training Platform With Over 200 Hrs Of Training Content

*Start/end times on all 3 days: 7am Adelaide/South Australia (Australian timezone) until 1pm.

$997 AUD


Live via zoom. Event is recorded.


18 hrs over 3 days. Adelaide Australia Timezone


Advanced Conversational Hypnosis (Not a certification course)

Therapy Training

For Qualified Hypnotherapists,NLP, Coaches

Curious About the 3-Day Advanced Conversational Hypnosis Program?

See Why 1000’s Of Hypnotherapists Worldwide Are Ditching Traditional Hypnotherapy & Turning To Scott Jansen’s Advanced Conversational Hypnosis (ACH) Program That Drastically 'Speeds Up Results' For Their Clients


Scott Jansen here…

ACH is my flagship conversational hypnosis program that focuses 100% on the therapy aspect of being a hypnotherapist – NOT the hypnosis part – as more than likely you already know this and seen the flaws in it. (No breakthroughs)

Firstly, let me tell you this is not about scripts, learning language patterns, using a pendulum, using meta models that makes your language sound crazy and obvious, mastering exhausting regressions and visualisations, rapid inductions or floating above Timelines – or any of the traditional hypnotherapy you can read from a text book.

I designed it in the real world (after more than 10 years as a hypnotherapist helping 1000s of Lawyers quit smoking) to help hypnotherapists, coaches, NLPs, and healers who are sick of using scripts, learning clunky language patterns, using exhausting regressions, using visualisations when your client can not visualise, spending hours preparing sessions, creating audios and homework, and having to see clients multiple times – with NO obvious breakthrough.

In case you don’t know, "ACH" is probably the number one skill you can have a hypnotherapist, coach, NLP or healer who is really serious about speeding up breakthroughs with clients – and charging a premium price.

Because if you can’t speed up your sessions, it doesn’t matter how good your product or service is…or how BIG your goals are to grow your therapy business… your business and income will always stay stuck, and you will be competing with the 100 of thousands of other hypnotherapists, coaches and NLPs all offering the same thing at the same price – Talk about cutthroat!

But, learn to speed up your breakthroughs with ACH, set the right price, show the right value (even when your prices are 10-20X higher than the average therapist)… and … with just a few clients a week or month… you can transform your business, your life, and the life of the people you care about forever, all while becoming that ‘go-to therapist’ who charges the most but is in the most demand!

It's crazy to think that the 1000s of students we have are spending between only 30 min-60 min with their clients – just once and charging these massive prices – all while building waiting lists months in advanced, while the rest of the hypnosis industry are working part time jobs to support their income and charge on average $100-150 per client.

And I am not just saying this… check out all the results below for yourself!

That’s why 1000s of students and trainers have already gone through the program and have become the ‘go to therapists’ in their niche – all while using just this ONE approach. Forget about adding tools to your toolbox! We create the toolbox – not the tools in it.

If you are not familiar with our ACH program, maybe you have seen the 1000s of hypnotherapists, we have helped build a fulltime income from scratch and build their dream hypnotherapy business with our 100K Coaching Program.

If we add up the new income, we have helped our students earn, all the students that have quit fulltime jobs, even students who have hired other therapists to help with the workload.

Let me introduce you to a couple of the thousands of Hypnotherapists, Coaches, NLPs and healers whoes therapy approach and income has changed drastically, their time with clients has been cut in half, their referral numbers have grown, and they are doing less work with clients!

These same students have gone from working full-time jobs, struggling to get clients and grow their businesses to working as fulltime hypnotherapists, buying their dream homes and vacation homes, taking their families on vacations a few times a year, working from anywhere in the world - to even hiring staff to help with their growing client numbers.

(At the request of our students the below testimonials have been made private - results not typical)

Below is Sarah P talking about how ACH has changed her business and helped her hit multiple 6 figure years - from absolute scratch! Sarah has gone on to become the go to therapist in just a few years.


Another student is Penny C talking about how she is using ACH to fast track client results and increasing the power of her client breakthroughs in just minutes!


The reason my ACH program gets such great results from these hypnotherapists like you, is because… it's different from almost every other training program you’ve ever taken.

That's because, unlike most hypnosis courses you’ve invested in where your reading scripts and reading from a txt book full of outdated and untested ideas...

'My ACH Program Bridges The Gap Between Information and Results… Or What We Call: The “Hot Seat”

What does this mean?

Put simply…

We believe 3 elements are required to master ACH and discard all other approaches.

Principles, Demos, demo breakdowns – rinse and repeat

If you’ve ever attended a hypnosis, NLP, or coaching training program that didn't work for you … it’s probably because one or more of these elements were missing, if not all of them.

Which means… you probably learned a lot about the topic and the history of it … Or things such as how to hypnotise someone, deepen someone all via relaxation, drilling language patterns and visualisation… but you never got taught the therapy or how to create a breakthrough – beyond just reading a script that indirectly says all clients can fit into one technique.

Worst off your time was spent not only reading, preparing, or writing scripts, but upsells, no demos, breakout rooms that were not supervised and a whole lot of txt book theory that amounts to endless information, but does not help you in the real world with real clients.

And most courses don't give you the opportunity to practice your new skills, get coached on the spot, refine the approach, how to use in the real world with real clients, or be in a community with likeminded hypnotherapist, coaches and NLPs all refining their skills.

These program tell you WHAT to do – while reading from a script and textbook.

But they don’t hold your hand while you actually DO it.

Thus, the hypnotherapists leave with more tools on top of tools with more fancy names – and still that same hypnotherapist goes blank with even the simplest of client problems.

That’s why my ACH program puts 100% emphasis on implementation, demos, demo breakdown, real world feedback (from myself) - we focus on the 'doing part'.

This is the ONLY reason so many hypnotherapists are ditching traditional hypnosis and trainings that takes too long, requires too much prep and leaves to much up to chance, and mastering ACH.

As the only thing that matters is the 'doing part' – clients do not care about your knowledge or who you were trained by – they just want to know it works!

We help you bridge this “learning/doing gap” in three ways:

1.You get to experience, see, and watch ACH in action. No boring lectures, not reading scripts, not me reading from a textbook, no me talking about myself – but more than 4 ‘hot seat’ (per event) demos using ACH on real problems. These are not role plays or “you say this, and I will respond” these are 4 or more REAL demos from scratch with real problems (we have covered demos of Anxiety, smoking, infidelity, mindset blocks, Covid health issues, weight loss, relationships problems, abundance blocks and dozens more)

2. We plug you into a community of like-minded hypnotherapists, trainers, NLP, coaches and healers from all over the world will support you, practise with you, and celebrate your wins. You get unlimited and lifetime access to the community, mentoring, and the program (never pay again)

3. We give you my world real world practical knowledge – not something I have been certified in, read from a book, or learned from someone else. You are getting what I used to help my 1000s of real high paying clients. No boring long lectures or upsells.


When you combine the three elements of this program you will quickly MASTER the key lessons, strategies, and skills that will transform the way you use hypnosis from this day forth... I guarantee you will never need another training course, another certification, more language patterns, scripts, or advanced concepts again. Our students tell us they have ditched all other approaches and are now 100% ACH)

Let me assure you…

This way of training student in ACH works!

It works even if you your knowledge on hypnosis is limited or you have only just been qualified (Note* we do not offer a certification with this course or CEC)

It works regardless of where you live in the world (I’ve got students in over 80 countries and for some English is their second language)

And it works no matter what your niche is, who your clients are, what you have done in the past with clients, what other techniques you know or where you see clients – it works for face to face to Zoom no matter what your clients problem is.

And it works FAST- the transformation your clients want can take just minutes!


Great question.

Here’s the answer:


1.You’ll learn how to use ACH confidently within just a few hours of training without having to ever write, prepare or buy a script. You will see and experience ACH in action and learn how to use principles of therapy. No time is spent hypnotising clients, deepening clients, using suggestibility tests, pretalks, post hypnotic suggestions etc – These things are time wasters once you understand ACH.

2.You’ll discover how easy therapy can be used to create a desired breakthrough without having to force your clients through ridged techniques. And best of all this one ACH approach can be used no matter what a clients problem is.

3.You’ll breakthrough your own barriers and doubts to become such a confident therapist you will be excited to help clients without the fear of not knowing what to do, say or if the session has worked.

4.You’ll develop your own style of ACH that will help differentiate you in a very saturated industry, charge the highest prices in your niche and become the go-to expert (I have seen this happen 1000s of times with our students)

5.You’ll almost immediately start creating therapeutic breakthroughs with just a few minutes of chatting with clients and you will have the end-to-end strategy to follow so you will know what to do and say each step along the way.

6.You’ll gain complete control over your clients breakthroughs and drastically speed up results while charging the most – YES you will be working less, doing less as the therapist, saving time and making more money.

7.You’ll start seeing REAL therapeutic breakthroughs that will leave your clients stunned and ready to tell the world about you.

8.You’ll become so confident you’ll start to feel unstoppable and actually seek out more clients to help them change your life – all without using scripts, ridged techniques, relaxation, or language patterns ever again.

...Plus much more

Here’s Everything You Get To master ACH In Just 3 Days... (Over 200 hrs of content, masterclasses, VIP ticket to every future ACH event for life!)

1. ACH Training & Mentoring

You Get OVER 200 Hours of Content, lessons, and recordings from our past ACH events

With each previous and future ACH events you get to witness new demos with new problems. You can become a part of the demos by either being the therapist (that I will coach through step by step) or the client and have some of your biggest problems healed.
We teach ACH by doing demos and breakdown each demo to demonstrate each principle. This combined make sure you are confident to use ACH with real clients – who wants to listen to more lectures or watch a trainer read from a textbook?

Exclusive Access To The Private ACH Community.

In our private members-only group you’ll feel more inspired, motivated, and UNSTOPPABLE as you master ACH. This is a safe place to interact with like-minded hypnotherapists, coaches & NLPs who are on the same journey you are.

This is a safe place to interact with like-minded hypnotherapists, coaches & NLPs who are on the same journey you are.

It’s also a place you can post questions in between classes and share your success stories so we can celebrate your wins for the duration of the program.
24/7 Access to an easy to use training platform Where You’ll Have Thousands Of Other ACH Students To Practice Your Skills Before Unleashing Them On Real Clients in The Real World.
This is a safe and supportive environment where you’ll put what you learn into practice with other ACH community members.

Additional Masterclasses, lessons & trainings

In addition to the main ACH training program content, you can access additional masterclasses that isolate various parts of ACH (example testing and tasking) to give you a greater understanding and advanced variation of each principle (all free of charge)

2. 3-Day Curriculum

My Flagship 3-Day Live ACH Program (Via Zoom) Curriculum

Day 1 : Entire ACH Method

Discover how to use my personal ‘Hypnotic interview” to find hidden unconscious root causes, knots, conflict, conflicted thinking etc that will help you as the therapist to know what the real problem is that needs to be healed. Most therapists talk about root causes, but most do not know how to recognise what is unconscious root causes and conscious root causes. In addition, you will learn to spot, grow, and enhance unconscious moments that will illicit healing trance4s within just a few words.

Day 2 : Blending ACH With Advanced Ericksonian Therapy

Get a step-by-step Therapeutic breakthrough procedure to help shift your client from problems to unconscious breakthroughs in minutes. Testing, tasking, sleep taking and demarcation methods to be sure your clients problem never comes back and allow true unconscious processing begin. In addition, how to set up and end therapy with your client that will guarantee they will never need to see you again. Most training courses (if not all) just teach the same language patterns scripts, regressions, visualisations, relaxation, suggestibility tests. But NOT ACH. This is 2 days of therapy training where hypnosis and techniques can take a back seat.

Day 3: Freestyle ACH

During this day our focus on turing your ACH knowledge after just 2 days and adding potent mastery strategies to turn you into a hypnotic genius. This will take years off your study time and can turn even the most novie conversational hypnotherapist to the go-to therapist in the field.

Bonus : State of the art ACH training platform via Kajabi

Get instant access to over 200 hrs of ACH trainings and content (even before the live training begins) - Lifetimes access.

'Spotting Unconscious Moments & 'I Can Make You A Rich Hypnotherapist' Books

You Also Get These 4 Incredible “Fast-Action” Bonuses

Why am I giving you these?

Two reasons:

One. I think they are the perfect "accompaniments" to the ACH program to make your understanding and practical use of ACH seamless. Kind of like a side-dish that will make your "meal" even more delicious.

Two. I want you to succeed. I want your clients to experience fast breakthroughs and I want you to feel less exhausted, scared, fearful or doubtful that what you did during the sessions actually worked. I want to reignite the love you have inside for being a therapist – and I also want you earning a truckload of money (you deserve it)

Fast Action Bonus #1:

Unlimited VIP Ticket: To Attend All Future ACH Trainings For Life!

Value (Priceless) - $997 per each training you attend. We teach ACH 2 times per year. NEVER PAY AGAIN

I believe in immersion training. This means to immerse yourself in as much ACH training as you can handle. So with this in mind you will be personally invited to every future ACH event - at no extra cost! (EVER)

Results not typical

Bonus #2:

11 Additional ACH & Therapy Masterclasses

From my 'Emotional Trance Method Masterclass', 'Stop Smoking Masterclass', 'Advanced Testing & tasking Masterclass' And 8 more - we deep dive into some of the most important principles of ACH.

Results not typical

Bonus #3:

Spotting Unconscious Moments LIVE Seminar Recording

More than 10 year ago I taught 30 of Australia's top hypnotherapists and trainers (invite only) on how to use & master ACH. This was the very first time teaching ACH in this capacity.

You will get to see multiple demos, breakdowns and theory. This program gave birth to ACH the way it is today.

Bonus #4:

Intro into - 100K Coaching Program

Gain access to the first week of our 100K Coaching Business program and master the systems, niching, mindset, action taking and differentiation to build your dream hypnotherapy business online - from SCRATCH

Click the “Enrol now” Button To Join The

ACH Program - And Snag Up All The Bonuses!

Being in ACH is all about action. Have a look at hypnotherapists just like you who are making it happen:

Results not typical

Frequently Asked Questions

Will this work for me?

I don't know you, but I do know this: ACH is a skill (like learning any style of hypnosis) requires commitment, practise and immersion in the trainings.

But to master the skill of ACH you need coaching, community and curriculum.

You get all of those things with the ACH program.

So… I truly believe if you follow the steps, practise will fellow therapists, participate in the community, and dive deeply from the curriculum you WILL master ACH very quickly.

But ultimately, you need to make the effort. Are your business and career important enough for you to put in the effort?

If so, why not join now?

How is ACH different from other “Hypnosis trainings”?

I think I covered this by explaining the "learning and doing gap" at the top of this page.

But, if you’re still not convinced this is the best training available for hypnotherapists… here’s 6 ways ACH is different from any other "hypnosis" out there:

First, most hypnosis training is based on clunky techniques, scripts, language patterns, NLP mixed in with hypnosis, relaxation, and a lot of focus on the hypnosis part – and you can learn this from every other training school out there. So, if you can learn this from all other training schools, why do so many therapists keep training, getting certification after certification and ultimately have a wall full of qualifications but still get stuck working with even the simplest of client problems. This outdated version of hypnosis has you believe all clients can fit into a technique and that you can ‘mind read’ what your clients true root cause problem is and prepare a script in advance. Whereas all training schools focus 80% time on the hypnosis part, deepening, suggestibility tests, language patterns and relaxation and only 20% (if that) on the therapy – ACH focuses 100% of its time on the therapy (making hypnosis a by-product)

Second, other methods and styles require you to memorize and repeat pages of scripts word-for-word. It feels unnatural. ACH has no scripts, no prep work, no giving homework and audios and no forcing visualisations, regressions, and language patterns onto clients. Thus, you can freestyle with every client, every problem and it does not require you to keep filling your box with ‘stop smoking techniques’ “The best anxiety method” etc.

Third, traditional hypnosis requires long lectures, stories, upsells, and the trainer reading from a textbook. Whereas ACH is all action, all demos with no boring lectures, upsells, no scripts and no textbooks. I want you to see ACH in action so you can duplicate it with your clients straight away.

Forth, most training have you read the script, follow the 5-step technique – with hopes your clients can follow along. Again, forcing your clients to follow what you want them to do. Also, most trainings have you complete the curriculum then leave you on your own. ACH gives you lifetime access to the events and the community. You can have your hand held through every step.

Fifth, there’s less pressure on you the hypnotherapist to remember all these tools, scripts, language patterns and spend hours upon hours prepping your sessions. This pressure does not work well with therapy. ACH has a casual, fun and insightful approach where you will be doing and saying less, and your clients will do all the work yourself.

Sixth, at the completion of the program you will realise it is just the beginning. You will have mastered ACH, have your prices set from $1500 -$5500, have a community to practise in and have lifetime access to attend as many of the live events as you wish. Think about it. You get 1 paid client after this training, and you have made all your money back and keep everything for life.

I’ve bought a lot of Hypnsos, NLP & Coaching courses and programs for myself. A lot of them made big promises but didn’t deliver. Why will this be different?

Great question. The fact is, you can go too the success stories page on this website, all of our social media, YouTube channel and even our student interviews to see the quality and results this program (and all of our programs) has.

But I’d be lying if I said everyone who did the program went on to achieve greatness. They don’t. But, are you open to hearing the difference between those who fail and those who succeed wildly?

It’s got nothing to do with the curriculum.

After all, if one person doing the program succeeds massively… and another person fails miserably when given the exact SAME lessons and techniques, whose fault is it? The ACH program or the person doing the program?

If you said it’s "the person doing the program" you’re right. Success in ANYTHING is a do-it-to-yourself program.

I have found the only reason NOT to succeed as with ACH or even our 100K Coaching Program is giving up too soon or not even starting.

If you don’t follow through and actually finish what you started there’s NO program on earth that can help you. Make sense?

And that's why there is the major point of difference that you get with the ACH program that you won’t find in other programs.

I have tried to sell my services for higher prices but lost clients when I increased my fees. Will this help or is there no hope for me?

 Good question.  

I understand you might be nervous about charging more (if that’s your goal). Especially if you tried and failed in the past. But don't be.  

To make your understanding of this ‘higher price’ method along side ACH (which you will learn on day 3) I have a video explaining why you must have higher prices and how it works in your favour.  

Click here to watch the video.

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