Helping over 30,000 hypnotherapists, coaches, NLPs master (script free) advanced conversational hypnosis and turn their passion into full-time careers, build 6 fig and multiple 6 fig businesses and become the go-to experts in the industry. Choose from below where you want to get started.

Hi, I'm Scott Jansen

After Over a decade as a hypnotherapist helping Lawyers quit smoking, I had the pleasure of training over 30,000 new hypnotherapists and coaches in advanced conversational hypnosis (and certifying some of the most well-known hypnotherapists and coaches in the industry) – to now helping more than 8000 new and seasons hypnotherapists and coaches build 6 fig and multiple 6 fig businesses from scratch – it’s now time to help you!  

  • More than 2500 success stories of 6 fig and multiple 6 figure businesses.
  • Helped our students earn more than $8,000,000 collectively in extra revenue.
  • Trained over 30,000 advanced conversational hypnosis students. 
  • Training students/mentors & Gurus To start and launch their own 6-fig, Multiple 6-Fig & 7-Fig training academies Teaching: hypnotherapy, Clinical Hypnotherapy, NLP, TLT, Krasner, Havening, Life coaching.
  • Helped 1000s Of new hypnotherapists quit their Fulltime job. 
  • over 3000 hours of conversational hypnosis trainings & YouTube Videos.

What our students are saying (Success Stories)

What do you need help with?...

Whether you are trying to grow your hypnosis business to 6 figures and beyond or drastically speed up your therapy sessions and make more money with fewer clients – we have the programs for you.

With more than 30,000 global students you can rest assure you are in good hands. 

Included in all of our programs are lifetime mentoring, support, private communities and personal mentoring with Scott Jansen himself. 

Our trainings are for the absolute novice, seasoned veteran or known guru who either wants to turn their dream business into a reality or wants to ditch the hypnosis scripts, clunky techniques and the hours upon hours of sessions time with clients.

There are 3 places to get started with us. }}}}

How We Work

It takes 3 core elements to succeed, make money and build a thriving business and reputation in this industry and take the lion’s share of income.

Some of the biggest and well known names (6 and 7 figure earners) in the hypnotherapy, coaching and NLP industry came from our programs.

We have built that track record and reputation by keeping things simple, fast and direct.

#1 (ACH)

Speed up results for your clients.Want to build the best reputation in this industry? Want to work with less clients and make more money? ‘Speed’ is the biggest secret. The hypnotherapist that can create the fastest breakthroughs, with no client homework, no multiple sessions, and no audios in the industry will always win. They earn the lions share of the income and leave their competition looking for a part time job wondering how they did it.

#2 (100K)

No more mindset, inner child/shadow work and healing abundance blocks – this will never build your business. We help you create or refine an offer capable of hitting 6-figures the fastest way possible. This includes advertising, marketing, sales, automations, systems, control, scaling, hiring VA’s and alot more. We help you refine every single part of your business so you can turn your brain off – and just take action!

#3 (Support & mentoring)

Along with advancing your hypnotherapy skills (no more sxcripts, Timelines, language patterns, deepners, regressions – or any of this time wasting stuff), a proven hypnotherapy business system designed to make money, you need worldclass support. If you have been in a program before where there is no support, no community, no guidence, or even the support you get is from hired coaches who have no idea how to help you – Don’t worry our support supersedes all of this and has become famous in the industry.

What Makes Us Different

Your learning from over a decade of experience as a hypnotherapist with real clients & 30,000 hypnotherapists trained – what you learn from us comes from real-world knowledge and experience. We have helped our student earn more than $8,000,000 in extra reveue for their businesses.

Fast education. More is not better, faster is better. Hypnotherapists are busy, they don’t have time to sit through 3 hour video lessons or listen to never ending stories. We tell you what to do, how to do it, and FAST. No fluff, straight to the point.

You need worldclass support. If you have been in a program before where there is no support, no community, no guidence, or even the support you get is from hired coaches who have no idea how to help you - Don't worry our support supersedes all of this and has become famous in the industry. (See here)

We take a simplified approach. You don’t need a FB group, to network, a stage to speak on, a best selling book, to give away free sessions, hand out business cards or even an email list. We’ve personally worked with over 10,000 hypnotherapists & coaches (who have/use none of these) to implement this system. Our process is battle tested and continually refined.

Forget mindset, clearning abundance blocks, healing your inner child, telling your story or even listening to affirmations. We build businesses with logic, system, action, support and proven methods. This is how you finally get control of your success, income and confidence.


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Sarah Pacaro - #1 narcissistic relationship expert Founder & CEO of XpeedStudio

Only have 4 clients so far in Jan. And more than doubled my prices. And have made $16000. I just LOL'd when I got out of an epic ACH/MACH session and saw a payment came through for over $4k. You're fucking amazing!!!!

Shabnam Rajah - Hypnotherapist for Entrepreneurs

I’ve made over £122000 in just over 6 months and now I’m trying to figure out how to scale 🤣 Thank you Scott Jansen you have changed my life! Just from getting me back on the road! You fucking wizard you!!

Penny Chiasson Founder & CEO of XpeedStudio

I have made $187,000 USD in 12 month total. Holy fucking shit! I have over $10,000 in 2-pay invoices due this week, have 17 strategy calls lined up over the next 2 weeks. That strategy call script and qualifying clients beats the heck out of seeing anyone and everyone for anything and everything.

Wahida Finlay

Hey my 2021 stats are in !! I took 4 months off due to sickness and injuries this year but still rocked AUD $145k as I increased my prices and worked less 😀 I’m ready to work properly in 2022 😂💥💥

Rachel Hippolyte

Hi Scott, I thought I’d give you an update. After finding what worked and didn’t and adapted to my business I am consistently clearing $6500-$7500 PER WEEK, this year I should clear $240000, it took time and patience and it still needs a lot of tweaking but not bad to where I was 3 years ago.