Hi everybody. Scott Jansen here. Welcome to today’s video. So today this video is really going to be reaching out for all new hypnotherapists and coaches because what I’m talking about today is how to get your first paying clients online in five easy steps. So yes, to answer the question, can you actually get hypnotherapy clients online using things like Facebook and LinkedIn? 

The answer is absolutely yes and especially in the context of Facebook, which we’re going to be talking about today. So the five easy steps I’m going to be going through, is really for, like I said, the new hypnotherapists and coaches. So if you are new to hypnotherapy or coaching or you do know someone that is brand new that is maybe struggling to actually sell to anybody struggling to actually get any traction in their business, make sure you comment below with their name or make sure you share this video as well.

The best part all guys, this is exactly what I teach my high earning students to do and it’s exactly what I do on a day to day basis as a coach. Even selling an online program, you can do the same thing if you’re selling face to face, the context remains the same. As long as you have access to Facebook and you have a personal Facebook page, you have an unlimited amount of clients that you can access as long as you take action on these five easy steps. 

Number one is you have to pick a niche, and I’ve said this many, many times before, but it’s so important, especially in the context of these five easy steps. What can happen guys, as we get qualified as a hypnotherapist and coach, we are overwhelmed with how many clients we can help because essentially our skills can help fears, phobias, smoking, weight loss. We have an abundance of skills that can help an abundance of issues, but when it comes to marketing guys, the opposite is actually true. We have to find one niche to target. It’s a lot easy to get the attention of one niche than it is to become what I call an everybody therapist. And for most coaches and therapists, they get qualified and their assumption as well. Scott, I’m just going to try and target everybody.

Now, in theory, that sounds good, but when it comes to marketing, all it’s going to allow you to do is just blend in with everybody else. So step number one guys, you have to find a niche. So to clarify what I mean by niche. This could be weight loss, this could be a fear or phobia. This could be mindset, this could be leadership. Whatever it is, you want to pick one niche that you can become the expert at. Now here’s the thing about picking a niche. Scott, what should I pick? Why should I pick it? The more time you spend thinking, the less time you have taking action, so the niche you pick now, is not the one you must stick with forever.

I’ve gone through several different niches in my entire career. Even as a selling an online program and having a company, I’m still changing my niche every now and then because things change in the market, your product or service can start to suit other people. There’s a wider scope on things where right at the start guys, just like any big company, any good entrepreneur, we want to start with one thing, so guys, write this down. Number one, you want to pick a niche. You’re not married to it, but it’s going to help you achieve their outcome of this webinar and especially for your business, which is to get you your first paying client. We need to have one niche, go ahead and write that down. Once you’ve picked that niche then the fun begins. As long as you have a Facebook page. What I want you to do is I want you to go to your Facebook and I want you to type in the search bar, your niche support group.

So this could be weight loss support group stop smoking support group, a phobia support group. Because what Facebook has done for us, which is incredibly insightful, is cluster all of our potential clients together in groups. That’s what makes Facebook so powerful is we don’t have to pay for this stuff. You’re not paying for ads or anything. You have unlimited access to numerous amounts of groups for all different supports and all different issues that people have. So basically what Facebook done is collect all your potential clients in one place, which is fantastic. It means you don’t have to go looking for different people in different places. They all live the same place. You’ve got that one support group that you can go and target so much. Number two is go to Facebook. You want to talk in that sort of support group, when you press enter, you be given the opportunity to go and join Facebook groups.

So what I want you to do is go through the entire list. I want you to start to join every one of those groups. Now, if you’re a coach and a therapist, you’re not joining coaching groups, you’re not joining therapy groups because your clients do not exist in there. You want to spend your time focusing on the groups where your clients are. Okay, so you want to go join every group possible. Some are going to be public, some are going to be private. You may have to answer some questions to get into the group that step number two. Now once you’re in the group, this is what everybody screws up and I highly suggest you just don’t do this. Everybody goes to these groups and starts adding content. They start posting. They start uploading videos and this is a sure-fire way to get kicked out of these groups.

Now, it seems counterintuitive but just stick with me. When we go to these support groups, you are not adding support. You’re not going to be talking to these people out loud. You’re not going to be offering any content. You’re not going to be saying anything to these people. Now understand the rapport thing or understand getting to know people. All of that stuff can happen later, but purely with these five steps, we want to avoid getting kicked out of those groups. So you do not want to add content or you’ve done right now is pick a niche and if joined those support groups once you’re in the group and you have been accepted, what I want you to do next is I want you to start to scroll through all of the comments because what you’re looking for is what I call active members. These are people in the support group asking questions like, um, I’m on the Keto diet but I still can’t lose weight.

Or I was driving in my car and my anxiety picked up again and I need some help. You’re looking for people that are actively asking for help, so you want to start scrolling through all of the comments as might take you half an hour to scroll. All of those people that are asking for help, all the active members and even people that are trying to answer the questions of those people are joining in and sign. Yeah, you know, that sounds like me. I have that same problem. You want to start to look for all these people. So once you’ve found these active members, guys, now this is going to seem really counterintuitive. I want you to add them as a friend. Now, whether they accept your friend request or not is out of your control.

But ideally what we want to do is we want to start to add these people and we want to bring them over to our Facebook page, not our business page, our personal page. So you can’t do this from a business page because we turned our personal page into like our new business page. This becomes our new website. And the reason why bringing people over here is because our marketing should be done from our personal page. So we should be showcasing testimonials. We should be showcasing, posts and announcements and things like this. So we want to start to add these people to our friend’s list. So yes, these are going to be adding strangers that you’re going to be adding to your friend’s list once they’ve accepted, then what you want to do is you want to start to reach out to these people.

So number one is pick a niche. Number two, find these groups. Number three is you want to start to actively look through all the comments you want to add these people that are active. Number four is the biggest transition that everyone needs to make in their business. Here’s what happens. We get qualified and then we start building websites and funnels and videos and youtube channels and all this great stuff, and then we sit back and we sit back and wait. We wait for clients to find us. If you look at the research done on how many websites and made every single year, that’s something a lot, 1.3 million new websites made live every year and you’re expecting your website to breakthrough from everybody else’s. You need to change this approach? What makes our students have so much success?

We don’t wait for clients to find us guys. What we teach our students, you know what I do in my business, I’ve been doing this since I started a business, was I actively reach out to people. So what I want you guys to do is once these new people, these potential clients that you’ve got from their support groups, I want you to personally reach out to them. I want you to send them a message, a really nice message, and get to know them and then offer to do a free phone call with them. And on this phone call, you want to be talking about their pain. You want to be talking about how their problem exists, what their problems about how they feel. And I want you to actively offer your solution. Offer them a session with you, offering them a package with you, offering a way to help them.

Now, here’s what’s going to happen, as you start to reach out to people. I want to make everybody really, really aware of this, but it’s just part of the game. You are going to have people tell you to go away. You’re going to have people tell you to F off. You’re going to have people block you, but that’s fine for every five or 10 people that tell you to go away, you’re going to have that one person that says, thank you for reaching out to me. We get this on a daily basis, but you have to actively go looking for these people and you only need that one person. So for all the haters you get, guys, you’re going to get the people that say, yes, I want your help. I’d love to jump on a phone call for support because remember, these guys and girls are in a support group for support.

What a better way to support these people to be a professional coach or author therapists say, Hey, I might have the solution to your problem. How would you feel about jumping on a phone call? You’re not selling anything now you just want to talk them through their problem and if it feels like you’re a good fit for them, you transition guys into the normal sales process that you guys are using and actively wrote. It really is is I can help you. Here’s what I charge. Let me know if this would suit you. So you want to sell your solution as part number five guys. So number one, you want to pick a niche. Number two, go and add yourself to support groups, number three, you want to start to scroll through all of these are support groups looking for the active members.

Number four, as you start to add these people to your friends, you want to offer a free strategy call at clarity call, because you want these people on the phone and number five, you want to sell your solution if that person is the right fit for you. It is that simple. If you haven’t got any clients yet and you’re wondering, can I get clients on Facebook? The answer is absolutely yes. One of the worst thing we can do as coaches and therapists is wait for clients to find us. Clients might be actively looking for their solution, but it doesn’t mean that actively looking for you. So what a better way to cancel out the middle man is to actually reach out to these people and introduce yourself. Talk about what you do, offer some, um, you know, quick advice.

Show these people that you are the expert and then sell your solutions. Sell your thing that’s going to actually make you money and it’s going to actually solve their problem. Okay. Now again, like I said, this goes against what we’re taught. It goes against like logic law. Scott, am I really going to reach out to strangers? Absolutely. And like I said, for every five haters you get guys, you’re going to get that one person that says yes. Thank you for reaching out to me. I’ve been looking for a solution. Um, you know, this is so nice of you to reach out to me and take your time to talk to me. These people exist guys, and these are the only people you want to concentrate on. If, however, we’re waiting for clients to find us, it means that we’re giving the totality of our business and control of our business too.

People were saying, I’ve created this business, I’ve become qualified. I’ll leave it in your hands when you want to contact me and I’ll just wait patiently. It’s not going to happen, guys, with so many coaches and therapists qualified every single day, every week, every month, every year, every day that you’re waiting for clients, another therapist or a coach that’s being trained by myself and one of my programs is going ahead and stealing that person while you’re waiting. They’re doing what is called hunting. They’re hunting for the right clients. They’re offering their solution. If you look at your income right now, guys, that they effect of your income is caused by how many times you had offered your solution. So if you’re not making any income and you look at how many times you’ve offered your solution, it’s probably zero and zero. The more times you offer your solution, the better you’re going to get about talking about it.