FREE Hypnotherapy & Coaching Marketing Strategy

Facebook Youtube Facebook Youtube FREE hypnotherapy and coaching marketing strategy     In today’s video I want to share with you what I would say is my number one marketing strategy that I use on a daily basis in my coaching business. What we teach all our high earning students to do on a daily basis and how you can really start to get traction with your social media. Whether you’re a hypnotherapist, a coach, or an

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When To Offer Your Hypnotherapy & Coaching Price

Facebook Youtube Facebook Youtube When To Offer Your Hypnotherapy & Coaching Price     Hi everybody. Scott Jansen here, and welcome to today’s video. So in today’s video I want to cover the topic of the how and when to offer your hypnotherapy and your coaching or even your NLP process.  It seems like there’s still a lot of confusion as to like when do you offer your price? When’s the best time to do it? Do

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Hypnotherapist Making $300,000 Per Year – Interview

Facebook Youtube Facebook Youtube How Greg Riley Is Making $300,000 p/y As A Hypnotherapist   During this student interview, you will see how Greg Riley went from being a banker to a hypnotherapist and scaled his business to $300,000 in less than 12 months. Greg Riley is one of my Therapy Maximiser Program students with a very interesting story which you will here about during this interview. We discuss: How he started in the industry His biggest

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Is It Time To Change Your Hypnotherapy & Coaching Niche

Facebook Youtube Facebook Youtube Is It Time To Change Your Hypnotherapy& Coaching Niche? Welcome to today’s video. So what I wanted to do today was answer the question, which is, is it time to change your niche as a coach, hypnotherapists or NLP practitioner, we understand the increasing importance of picking a niche, but I also understand it’s one of the toughest things to do because it’s really shrouded in mystery and, there’s not a lot of people

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What is the right price to charge as a coach or hypnotherapist?

Facebook Youtube Facebook Youtube How to pick a profitable hypnotherapy & coaching niche Everybody. Scott Jansen here. I just wanted to jump on this quick Facebook live in the six figure group. So, in this quick video, I just want to talk about something that I’m noticing as far as what’s happening in this group, what I’m noticing in the industry, and probably one of the biggest problems for coaches and therapists to really decide on, and

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Get Your First Paying Hypnotherapy & Coaching Client Online (5 Steps)

Facebook Youtube Facebook Youtube Get Your First Paying Hypnotherapy & Coaching Client Online (5 Steps)   Hi everybody. Scott Jansen here. Welcome to today’s video. So today this video is really going to be reaching out for all new hypnotherapists and coaches because what I’m talking about today is how to get your first paying clients online in five easy steps. So yes, to answer the question, can you actually get hypnotherapy clients online using things like

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