Hi everybody. Scott Jansen here, and welcome to today’s video. So in today’s video I want to cover the topic of the how and when to offer your hypnotherapy and your coaching or even your NLP process. 

It seems like there’s still a lot of confusion as to like when do you offer your price? When’s the best time to do it? Do I have my prices on my website? Should I get people on the phone? Should I give people a strategy call? Should I do a sales call? All of this sort of stuff.

And what I want to do in today’s video is just really reveal the how and when, as to how I treat the situation, but also what we teach our students in our programs to do as well. So first off, to realize this, one of the main contributors as to why people will continually say no, no matter where your price point is, whether it’s low, it’s medium, it’s high.

One of the main contributors as to why people still say no to your offer is because of timing, timing. And when you present your price plays, justice has just as much influence as the process itself. 

And what I realized very early on when I was a stopped smoking therapist was no matter where my price point was, no matter how desperate my client was to change, if I offered my price at the wrong time, it was literally, I’d just blow this out was literally like a no straight away. Even when my prices were at like a hundred dollars I still had people saying no. 

But when I understood how timing plays a big contributor as to when and the how to offer your prices, when I raised my price to $1,500 and beyond, I started to get more yeses. And it wasn’t because I was being any more persuasive.

It wasn’t because I was using some NLP hypnotherapy language pattern thing. It wasn’t any of that stuff. It was really about knowing when to offer my price and at what point through the situation to offer my price.