Hey everybody, Scott Jansen here and welcome to today’s video. So in this video I wanted to reveal something I call Therapy Nirvana and talk about how distributing Therapy Nirvana throughout your business will essentially take you from where you are now, where your business may be chaotic, it may be confusing. There’s no systems in place, you have no leavers or pulleys that you can hold onto to direct certain energy throughout your business that’s going to achieve some sort of output, which could be either money or paying clients and really playing around with what I call a therapy in a nirvana to basically break while all that Kyle’s and get hominy throughout your business. 


Now, I know right now for hypnotherapists and coaches, one of the biggest struggles they have in that business is not even just not knowing what to do, but having a messy, chaotic business where there’s so many wheels and so many cogs turning at the same time where it seems like you’re burning yourself out trying to achieve certain tasks. 

You’re putting a lot of effort into the business, but nothing is being received as there’s a return. There’s no outputs for this business. So while you might be putting so much effort into certain things throughout the day, your trying to do blogs, you’re trying to do posts, you’re doing Facebook lives, you’re speaking to clients, you’re going to events, you’re going to certifications, you’re hosting Meet Up groups, you’re doing podcasts, all these different things that we have to do as means of our marketing is really not turning into any outputs which has obviously been paid for your time and also getting paid clients. 


So something we talk about often and something we’re really trying to achieve and something I achieved in my business is something I call therapy nirvana, which was really machining parts of your business to get a predictable system into said business to relieve all the chaos or the mess and avoid having to wake up each day wondering what am I going to do today?

How am I going to get a client? Why is it that I seem to be doing so much work and I’m not getting anything in return? How do I actually break into this industry? How do I get seen? Above all my competition. All of those things start to fade away when we can start to simplify the systems and the things we do and what I call the machine that is our business and create something called Therapy Nirvana. So one main point of Therapy Nirvana I want to touch on is also price. Because this plays such havoc in a business. And if it’s not rectified, this ultimately becomes the crumbling agent of why I business basically falls apart. So on the screen right now, I am demonstrating what therapy nirvana is on it. Go through each stage. So the first stage off to the left, here’s what I call expert positioning.

And what we’re trying to create from this is the client attraction machine. So think about this in your business and ask yourself this question and give yourself a proper response. Do you have something in your business right now where if you could push a certain button as a metaphor, you push that button and you would receive a paying client? 


Do you something predictable that you can rely on each and every day? That will result in a pain client. Can you do a Facebook live and get a paying client from him? Can you do a certain type of value post and get a paying client from it? Can you hop on a strategy call and get a paying client from it? Or are you one of those people that just has to try so many different things and hope something sticks?