Welcome to today’s video. So what I wanted to do today was answer the question, which is, is it time to change your niche as a coach, hypnotherapists or NLP practitioner, we understand the increasing importance of picking a niche, but I also understand it’s one of the toughest things to do because it’s really shrouded in mystery and, there’s not a lot of people talking about it in layman’s terms. In terms of how do you pick it, what are you looking for? What exactly is a niche, how to find a profitable niche.

Now, I’ve talked about this in the past, but what I wanted to do today was spend some more quality time, really digging deeper into this thing we call a niche and a giving you what I call the four essential.So what I have for you in front of you right now is just a document I put together, that’ll really explain the idea of picking a niche or knowing when it’s time to change the niche because they are equally important.

We can go into becoming a coach and a hypnotherapist with a desire to work with some specific niche that solves some pain.So is it time to change my niche? Well, the key to picking a niche and sticking with it is to combine the four essentials listed below.

You know, it’s time to change your niche if any of one of these essentials are missing, but they’re all equally important. So it’s also important to give our niche enough what I call discovery time guys that you can research, understand and understand the real pain of your market.So what I mean by discovery and research time, I want and want to really pay attention to this.

There is absolutely no way, you know, it’s time to change your niche if you haven’t invested at least a hundred hours into it. So there’s absolutely no way in the world that you know you can pick a niche that’s going to be profitable and expect to have success from it and expect I’d make money from it and expect to actually get traction in your business unless you put the appropriate amount of discovery time and research time into this niche.