A Coaching, Hypnotherapy, & NLP Business From Scratch ... And Book High Paying Clients In Just 28 Days Or Less!

Without paid ads, funnels, 5 day challenges or marketing know-how

During this training, you'll learn...

  • Strategy #1 - Becoming the 3rd type: How to turn a chaotic, uncontrollable, unreliable, unpredictable & messy ‘thing’ into a predictable, reliable and functioning business (Without Paid Ads, Funnels, Multiple Services, Niches, Prices, Programs, Free Giveaways, Free Challenges Or Marketing Know-How’)
  • Strategy #2: Systems thinking: How to use ‘Asymmetry Abstraction’ to achieve MORE with LESS work. It’s the secret I have taught to 100s of my 6 figure students (who started from scratch) to take over their niche and crush their competition in only a matter of months.
  • Strategy #3: Business DNA: How to correctly price your services for long term value (not hours, sessions or packages) and long-term business success (so you’re not looking for a job in 3 months) and have a line up of clients ready to pay in full without argument or objections.
  • Why using multiple social media platforms, services, niches, prices and products are the WORST ways to attract new clients... and what you can do to get a consistent stream of high paying clients using niched/research confirmations, client cadences, & strategy call and survey protocol.
  • Over 65 case studies from coaches, hypnotherapists, & NLPs who have built their business from scratch to $10,000 - $50,000 in less than 6 months and selling their sessions/packages for between $1500-$5500 per client. With no paid ads, funnels, free sessions, or business experience.
  • How you can demand $1,500 - $5,500 for face to face clients and $3,000 - $5,800 per student for group coaching & online programs and escape the trap of clients who do not see value in your service using 'Value Presentation Deck' and 'Surveyed Strategy Calls'.
  • How our students have cleaned out 95% of their offers, products, prices from their business and increased their income up to 10X while doing less using ‘Asymmetrical inputs’.

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