In today’s video I want to share with you what I would say is my number one marketing strategy that I use on a daily basis in my coaching business. What we teach all our high earning students to do on a daily basis and how you can really start to get traction with your social media. Whether you’re a hypnotherapist, a coach, or an NLP practitioner. I’m going to be showing you exactly what that is today, how you can apply it so you can get the most from using social media.

So when it comes to social media, let’s talk about Facebook cause we are on Facebook right now, but this can work across pretty much every single social media platform that you can have is, there’s two ways that we can work with our social media for a lot of coaches and hypnotherapist because they’re in sort of desperation mode of wanting to make sales, wanting to get people on a call, wanting to get people on strategy call wanting to get money into their account.

They essentially start to use social media and it becomes a point of them posting and trying to sell constantly. They’re constantly trying to give away free PDFs. They’re constantly trying to give away free strategy calls. They’re always constantly talking about I can give you this for free or I can give you this for money. And over time, people that you’ve built up in your audience list or people that follow you get sick and tired of being sold to constantly. 

So what’s the alternative? What I do on a daily basis with my own social media and what we teach all our students to do, and this is how we do it. I want you to realize right now that any niche that you guys get into, whether you’re a coach and a therapist on NLP practitioner, every niche that you enter is going to have something called false beliefs.

And as these false beliefs that whenever you talk about what you do, you present your offer, you do some sort of marketing you, you send out a free link to your webinar, you do strategy calls, the people that view this instantly going to see what you’re talking about. See the word hypnosis or NLP or even I’m coaching the life coaching mindset, whatever it is. And they’re instantly gonna trigger that thought in their mind that says, I don’t believe in this. 

And this usually stems backwards from I’ve tried to coach before, it didn’t work. I went to a hypnosis show, I couldn’t be hypnotized. I’ve been on a program that’s similar to this, even though it might not be similar, that’s not gonna work for me. You know, I’m a full time mom with kids. That’s program’s not gonna work for me because I’m, I don’t have time to grow my business.

Watch the video to learn how we destroy these false beliefs