Therapy Nirvana In Your Coaching Business

Facebook Youtube Facebook Youtube Therapy Nirvana In Your Coaching Business (Destroying Chaos) Hey everybody, Scott Jansen here and welcome to today’s video. So in this video I wanted to reveal something I call Therapy Nirvana and talk about how distributing Therapy Nirvana throughout your business will essentially take you from where you are now, where your business may be chaotic, it may be confusing. There’s no systems in place, you have no leavers or pulleys that you

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What is the right price to charge as a coach or hypnotherapist?

Facebook Youtube Facebook Youtube How to pick a profitable hypnotherapy & coaching niche Everybody. Scott Jansen here. I just wanted to jump on this quick Facebook live in the six figure group. So, in this quick video, I just want to talk about something that I’m noticing as far as what’s happening in this group, what I’m noticing in the industry, and probably one of the biggest problems for coaches and therapists to really decide on, and

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Get Your First Paying Hypnotherapy & Coaching Client Online (5 Steps)

Facebook Youtube Facebook Youtube Get Your First Paying Hypnotherapy & Coaching Client Online (5 Steps)   Hi everybody. Scott Jansen here. Welcome to today’s video. So today this video is really going to be reaching out for all new hypnotherapists and coaches because what I’m talking about today is how to get your first paying clients online in five easy steps. So yes, to answer the question, can you actually get hypnotherapy clients online using things like

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