Announcing Scott Jansen’s Only Online 4-Day ‘Conversational Hypnotherapy Practitioner Certification For 2021!

6-Stage Conversational Hypnotherapy System

Get Certified With My Foolproof Hypnotic System That Will Have Even A Beginner Creating Therapeutic & Healing Trances... Without Scripts, Language Patterns & Confusing Steps.

Including bonus day: How To Sart & Grow Your Own Hypnotherapy & Coaching Buisness Online

What You Get (Lifetime access to all):

Online Training information for 2 days - 6-8 hours per day.

Dates/Times (Via Zoom)
Day 1: 7 pm Saturday 9th OCT (Adelaide date/time)
Day 2: 7 pm Sunday 10th OCT (Adelaide date/time)

*(Please confirm your time zone difference – All times above are Adelaide/Australia (AEST) times)*

You Will "Know" The Right Hypnosis Techniques To Use In Any Given Situation Even If Your A Begginer

You Will certify You As Practitoner Of Conversational Hypnotherapy With The IICT

Welcome to IICT
We’re a professional industry body that provides membership, insurance, resources and a global community for complementary therapists who work in 1,100+ modalities.

As well as helping you to save time and money on your insurance, we provide professional recognition and credibility for complementary therapists who practise multiple modalities.

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Bonus Buisness Building Day:

What is it?

The Conversational Hypnotherapy Practitioner Program is an online live training designed for people new to hypnosis, notice hypnotherapists or advanced hypnotherapy looking to enhance and master conversational hypnosis. This is a complete training program only taught by Scott Jansen with over 18 years of experience in the industry. Including a bonus business building day where Scott will show you how his students have grown 6 figure to multiple 6 figure hypnosis and coaching businesses in 12 months or less.

Who is it for?

The CHP program is for anybody who is qualified as a coach, NLP and/or hypnotherapist or wants to become qualified without the use of scripts and hard to learn strategies. This is a certification course and you will become recognised by the IICT as a Conversational Hypnotherapy pracitioner that is eligible for insurance. 

Where does it happen?

Via Zoom with a group of other coaches, hypnotherapists & NLPs from all over the world. As a side benefit you will learn how to use Zoom correctly so you can begin to see clients globally (make more money and scale your business). You will receive the recorded program as part of your attendance and lifetime access to the private Facebook group and lifetime access and mentoring from Scott (at no extra cost)

How does it work?

You enroll in the CHP program and be coached by Scott Jansen as you do live demonstrations with the other students. No boring lectures, reading from a book, learning the history of hypnosis or role playing with other therapists and coaches who just follow along – this program is about you teaching conversational hypnosis to mastery level in just days that will give you the cutting edge in the amoungst even the most advanced therapist and help you build the best reputation in the indusrty

Why take this class?

If you have ever found yourself wanting to become a hypnotherapist that can heal people from pains and problems, or even wanting to enhance your current skill level to a state of mastery and turn it into a thriving career – take this class. 

Why does it exist?

The problem with traditional hypnosis and conversational hypnosis trainings are the heavy reliance on technique, language patterns and clunky techniques etc – which puts pressure on the therapist to choose the best technique or strategy.  And while this is a necessary place to start it also restricts what you can do with clients – techniques fit clients into a box. The goal of this training is to show you how to use hypnosis & coaching instinctually to created quicker results for your clients – without the pressure, clunky techniques, timelines, language patterns etc

Welcome to the most powerful hypnotherapy program on the planet

This revolutionary masterclass will SHOW you (through demonstration) that when you stop talking so much, stop using clunky techniques or reading scripts and simply BE with someone in a hypnotic way — you are able to have a much more authentic hypnotic interaction with the people you come into contact with.

And because you no longer have to use the traditional therapy and coaching steps, nor try and come up with any particular kind of technique — the person you are interacting with will have the “space” and “processing time” to allow their own unconscious to give them new ideas and new ways of resolving their own issues.

You will no longer need to wonder what technique to use, what to say or ever wonder if your clients has actually had the breakthrough they paid for – This process is the closest you will ever get to a 100% success rate with even the most difficult problems, issues, pains and addiction. 

What our therapy & business programs have given our students

What real therapists had to say about this program

In This Program You Will Learn (Not Taught Anywhere Else)

How to model my thinking and persona – my entire philosophy and frameworks for using conversational hypnosis, covert hypnosis, healing trances and therapeutic transformation (stories, metaphors, process instructions, collapsing realities, indirect hypnotic advice etc). How to rapidly speed up your results with every client, say less, do less and never prepare for your sessions ever again – Less time with clients that create bigger transformations

The only question you should ever ask to start your session correctly and immediately begin healing your clients within just minutes.

Know what to say to your clients, what questions to ask, what move to make, what strategy to use, how deep to put a client, what therapeutic tools to use, how to shape trances every single time – without resorting to using clunky and clumsy language patterns, scripts, timelines, deepeners, or pre-made hypnotic stories that are hit and miss.

How to rely on your own unconscious mind to do the trance and therapy for you that is the exact match for each and every client you see.

How to locate the true/real unconscious root cause, attached emotions and realities to know exactly what to heal in your clients. 

My advanced questioning formula that will help you find the root cause every single time in just minutes.

A blend of logic, Ericksonian confusion, conversational and covert hypnosis that will have you talking directly to your client’s unconscious mind while hidden in a regular conversation.  

How to spot unconscious moments, unconscious expressions and utilize pure unconscious information in your clients that guarantee trance and healing every time, even when it seems your client is fully awake.

This can be utilised for instant deep trances and therapeutic healing in minutes (without using any techniques)

How to ‘stretch out problems’, collapse realities, expand unconscious resources that grow your client’s consciousness, relieve pain, addictions, negativity, bad behaviors etc (I only rely on just one therapeutic tool – process instructions). 

How to activate unconscious resources using my (ABSURD formula) that creates spontaneous healing that can not be rejected by your client’s mind and will become their new conscious reality. 

How to generate instant/natural regressions, hypnotic phenomena, deep unconscious states without ever having to force your techniques on your clients. (Included how to end your sessions correctly so integration begins)

How to become a master of conversational hypnosis. How to take the pressure off of you as the therapist or coach. 

Learning Ericksonian pausing, learning when to ‘shut up’, how to use unconscious pressure, utilise unconscious moments to grow cataleptic trances and enhance healing states, how to deal with very resistant clients. 

Drop all your bad habits that are actually destroying your clients results and adding hours (if not sessions, weeks, and months) to your clients results that will weaken their transformation. – seamlessly blend your current strategies with these advanced strategies instantly.

Demarcation, testing, MOS, advanced integration, conscious and unconscious tasking. (emotional & scenario) & much much more.

Unbeatable training model

This is not your typical “course”. I mentor you step by step to succeed and become the go-to expert 

Conversational Hypnotherapy Practitioner Certification

You’ll get the exact systems and methods to radically transform your clients in the least amount of time. Meaning fewer sessions, less effort, less action and bigger breakthroughs – even while charging the highest prices in the industry. We have combined the perfect hypnosis process with the exact business strategies to turn our students into the most saught after (and expensive) therapists and coaches in the industry! Why? because they deserve it and so do you. 

Lifetime access & support.

Once enrolled you are mentored by Scott Jansen for life. You will be a part of our growing community for life with 24/7 real-life support by Scott himself. This is more than a program, it is a mentorship to support and keep you accountable for your success every step along the way. Practise with other students, get feedback and be supported with all your hypnosis and business questions

Private mentoring.

Once enrolled you have the ability to join our Facebook community and you will have access to the recording of the masterclass for life. Immerse yourself in the training, the exercises and practical lessons and reach the top tier of hypnotherapy and coaching mastery – grow your business, onboard new clients as you save time with paying clients and achieve mind-blowing breakthroughs in less time than what was thought possible.  

More Testimonials From Happy Students

There is no greater proof than real life results.

More Testimonials From Happy Students

There is no greater proof than real life results.

*This is not a certification course, nor can it be used for insurance or CEC points – This course is not recognised or registered with any hypnotherapy/coaching/NLP boards. This program is used only for educational purposes and to enhance your current therapeutic and coaching skill set. All results, success and testimonies are from practising hypnotherapists, coaches and NLP, your results may vary depending on your skill level, past certifications, knowledge, and dedication. You must take 100% responsibility to setting up your practise, gaining the correct insurance and education, following of rules and regulations for your services and marketing. take no responsibility for your results with clients. This program is for training purposes only, no certification will be presented at the end of the training.

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